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Mr. Brown Plays Catch-Up

Well, that' it: I thought I could do it but honestly, i've run out of sentences, adjectives, verbs, putdowns, and grievances to finish reviewing the last of the Twilight movies, Breaking Dawn - Part I and the newly released Part II. That, and i've been busy with classes and work to actually post anything - a review, thoughts about the circle jerk that is Awards season and upcoming movies i'm just damn excited to watch in 2013. In the last month though, i've seen a bunch of movies: some that are the best of the year and deserve to be serious contenders come Oscar time and one that I still can't wrap my head around.

Flight - I've long been a fan of Denzel Washington's body of work, but for the lat several years he's been resigned to easily marketable action fare like Unstoppable (the last collaboration between him and director Tony Scott, who went on to commit suicide in August), The Taking of Pelham 123, Out of Time, Deja Vu, Man on Fire, The Book of …