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Boycotts, Bigotry, and Ender's Game: An Editorial

After July,  the Summer Movie season begins its decline, as the attention soon turns to the Fall Movie Season, and more importantly, which films will be making a run during Awards Season. Of course, there are still blockbusters which studios are eager to release, such as Disney/Marvel's Thor: The Dark World and Lionsgate's The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, both due out this November, but they are, for the most part, shelved for a holiday release. One of the more anticipated films coming out during this time is Ender's Game, the popular science-fiction novel by Orson Scott Card, now getting the big-screen treatment by Summit Entertainment, no doubt betting the movie will be a gateway to making another franchise that will make Twilight/Harry Potter-like bank at the box office.Unfortunately, the film is in the midst of controversy and negative press. Not for the film, nor the book on which it is based, but for the author himself.

You see, Card has made statements regarding the…

The Netflix Files: Last Ounce of Bulls@%t

We've got a baaaaaaaad one tonight, folks. Really bad.

To begin: I've heard of Last Ounce of Courage, namely through Rotten Tomatoes. You see, one of my secrets of writing reviews comes from going on the website and reading review after review from other movie critics, sometimes to get a feel for what the movie is about beforehand, most times afterward to pick up on bits and pieces from the film that I may have overlooked or not payed that much attention to on an initial viewing. It's very rare that I read reviews that essentially come to the same conclusion that I did when I watched this movie on You Tube (Technically, this movie wasn't on Netflix's instant streaming program, but I'm putting it on here as a second installment, at any rate.):

This movie was a piece of shit!

Words really can't describe the hell I put myself through and this review will be a bit different because I'll be bringing in politics in this, which I felt I've stayed clear away …