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A Tale of Two Liberals

I'd like to contrast two videos which talk about how John Oliver criticized Green Party candidate Jill Stein's platform on last week's Last Week Tonight segment on 3rd party candidates, and if you haven't watched the segment, I highly suggest that you do in order to understand the arguments both folks are saying. (watch here). The main arguments that Mike from The Humanist Report and current whipping boy for this site Jimmy Dore are making is that Oliver's piece was shameless propaganda to make the audience vote for Hillary Clinton in the upcoming election. Now while I disagree with both gentlemen about how to take Oliver's skit, I'm highlighting how both guys go about deconstructing the British comedian's claims. The first video from the host of THR breaks it down point by point and explains why he has this opinion.

Again, I may not agree with the overall viewpoint, but I enjoyed watching his take because the host didn't resort to acting like some …

This Is Why I Don't Completely Miss My High School Days

WARNING!!!! This review will contain spoilers regarding the show's twist ending, as well as most of the plot. You have been warned.

I'm exhausted with the last few posts where I went political, so here's me taking a break from all that shit and making another venture into the land of the small screen. Unfortunately, I'm not recommending about a good show - no, this is me ranting about one of the worst Anime programs I've ever encountered in the form of School Days, a romantic drama/teen soap opera in cartoon form. Yes: in addition to film and TV, I like the realm of Japanese Animation, primary because of the various sub-genres and avenues it covers, from science fiction/dystopian settings like Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and Outlaw Star, to slice-of-life comedies/harems such as Tenchi Muyo! and Love Hina. There's a genre for every sort of taste, and it's interesting to dive in and see what's there. However, in the case of School Days, it'…

Enough is Enough!

For the past year, Donald Trump has gone out of his way to offend anyone and everyone in his path in his quest to obtain the White House.

Donald Trump has insulted and dismissed John McCain, a celebrated and decorated Vietnam War veteran, claiming that being captured didn't make him a hero.

Donald Trump made fun of a disabled journalist while the cameras were rolling.

Donald Trump openly accused a judge of Hispanic decent of bias due to his heritage. That judge was hearing a lawsuit against Trump's latest scam, Trump University.

Donald Trump accused Ted Cruz's father of conspiring to kill JFK during a primary debate. There is no evidence of this claim being true.

Donald Trump attacked Khizr Khan and his wife, Ghazala, two Gold Star parents who lost their son, Humayan, an Army Captain, serving his country. The patriarch spoke at the Democratic National Convention and attacked Trump for his his hateful attitude towards Muslim-Americans.

Donald Trump attacked Alicia Machado,…

Let's Hope So

Save for the third installment of the Resident Evil series, Extinction, I've never been a fan of these movies about zombie mayhem, bullets, blades and bad acting (and yes, I've seen all of them, from first to recent.). Sure, the series has its moments where I can watch 'em, ignore the inconsistent storyline and have some fun with it, but I could never fully appreciate it as a guilty pleasure.. However, I am a fan of Milla Jovovitch because she's an action star that can hold her weight with the Stallone's, the Schwartzenegger's, the Statham's of bad-ass action heroes and be totally nonchalant about it. So, of course, there's a new trailer for the latest RE movie, dubbed The Final Chapter, where Alice, now re-bonded with the T-virus that gives her superhuman powers (it's best not to ask why the Umberalla Corp. does this after taking them from her in the fourth installment of the series, Afterlife), goes back to Raccoon City, the epicenter of where the…

We Can Do Better, Folks.

If I have one plea to ask of my fellow liberals, it's this: please, please -- regardless of what happens with the election, don't make comedian Jimmy Dore the spokesperson for the blue cause. In case you don't know who he is, here's a brief recap: Dore is what you get when you combine Glenn Beck's wing-nutty bullshit ideas and theories, mixed with Bill Maher's smug, sometimes condescending demeanor, if you removed his ability to make an audience laugh. Lately he's been the voice for disgruntled and disillusioned Bernie Sanders supporters who believe the choice between Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is a vote for the same-old establishment politics that have screwed over the middle class and enriched the top 1% and that Bernie Sanders was the only candidate that could break the spell of business as usual with a political revolution.

Dore's argument boils down to the following: the Democratic establishment needs to …

I Might Have Been Too Harsh on Independence Day: Resurgence

Pure Flix -- the same production company that gave us God's Not Dead, the previously reviewedRevelation Road and Old Fashioned, are now making a film on the Columbine High School massacre.
Really. This is a thing.
Look: a film about Columbine, or Rachel Lee Scott and the two killers would be an engrossing character study on how their lives intersected and collided on that fateful day, kind of like the multiple points-of-view of random teenagers in Gus Van Sant's haunting Elephant, but again -- this is Pure Flix. I wouldn't trust these guys to make a miniseries on 9/11 without being heavy-handed on the religious angle, let alone make this movie.