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A Tale of Two Liberals

I'd like to contrast two videos which talk about how John Oliver criticized Green Party candidate Jill Stein's platform on last week's Last Week Tonight segment on 3rd party candidates, and if you haven't watched the segment, I highly suggest that you do in order to understand the arguments both folks are saying. (watch here). The main arguments that Mike from The Humanist Report and current whipping boy for this site Jimmy Dore are making is that Oliver's piece was shameless propaganda to make the audience vote for Hillary Clinton in the upcoming election. Now while I disagree with both gentlemen about how to take Oliver's skit, I'm highlighting how both guys go about deconstructing the British comedian's claims. The first video from the host of THR breaks it down point by point and explains why he has this opinion.

Again, I may not agree with the overall viewpoint, but I enjoyed watching his take because the host didn't resort to acting like some loudmouthed jerk to argue his observations and his opinions, and I felt like, at the very least, I gained a new perspective from watching that I, otherwise, never would have gotten about his admiration for Mrs. Stein. Now allow me to show you the inverse of Mike's mostly even-tone argument against Oliver's segment with Dore's argument, which, if you've read the last two posts on this guy, you get why I don't like him very much.

I don't have to necessarily agree with with one's point of view, but I'm more inclined to listen to it and engage in a debate with Mike, than I would with a screaming, loudmouthed, obnoxious jackass like Dore is. And that's really my overall issue with the guy: I can't stand the yelling; I can't stand how he dismisses just about everyone who dares hold a different perspective than he does, especially when it comes to people on our side of the aisle, You're not winning over folks when you call everyone else a sellout, a corporatist, or just telling everyone to get stuffed if they aren't on the same level as you are, dude. It's also important to note that John Oliver has, over three seasons, used his format to discuss drone strikes, torture, government surveillancepolice brutality and income inequality, as well as various topics in our politics and culture. Oh, and here's this interesting tidbit I found out while researching for this latest rant: Oliver has full creative control on the content which airs on his show, including the freedom to go after corporations.

Did you miss all of that, Jimmy? Did you?

Of course you did, because we can't let a pesky thing like facts get in the way of smearing a comedian for having the audacity of taking a closer look at Saint Jill Stein's policy platforms....right, Jimmy? I mean, God forbid that someone like me catches and calls you out on your bullshit!


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