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The (Less-Than) Amazing Spider-Man 2

The film that comes out the first Friday in May is, in my eyes, the kickoff to the summer movie season. The one movie that sets the tone for the rest of the season, in a sense. It's usually big, it's hyped to all hell, and it's meant to make a studio a ton of money. Oh, and it's usually a superhero movie: since Sam Rami's Spider-Man in 2002, just about every movie to open the season of popcorn entertainment has been a comic book movie. Last year, Marvel Studios started the season off with a solid bang with Iron Man 3, and while there were some fun popcorn movies that added plenty of excitement and genuine fun (Pacific Rim, The Wolverine,This Is the End, The World's End) by the end, I was exhausted of seeing computer-generated destruction and studios showing off their budget at the expense of telling a story and developing their characters (I'm looking at you, Man of Steel).
This year, it's Marc Webb's reboot of our friendly neighbor Spider Man that g…

Playing Catch-up, Part I: February & March

Now that I have that piece of crap out of the way, It's time to make good on my promise and play catch-up on all the movies I meant to review, but didn't because of culinary class and laziness.

About Last Night - Again, I love seeing a predominately black cast, and I wish there were a bit more of that in theaters. Last year's The Butler (which I loved)and The Best Man Holiday (which I didn't like) proved a cast of African-Americans can be a draw, as both films made over $100 million and $70 million in the states respectively. Unfortunately, unlike Best Man Holiday, where its saving grace was Terrence Howard's excellent comedic performance, there isn't much I can say positively for this battle of the sexes comedy. Danny (Michael Early) and Bernie (Kevin Hart) are two bachelors in present-day Los Angles. Danny's looking to rebound from a relationship which ended in disaster, whereas Bernie is a party-hard guy looking to score on a nightly basis. Both gents fin…