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Star Trek Into Darkness

Dear Eileen,

One month before your passing, our phone conversations varied among many topics, but they would, somehow, revert back to the science-fiction/fantasy genre. Granted, even before then, when we talked chatted on Facebook, the subject would return to the genre that made you a fangirl of said genre, from The Boy Who Lived and the Seven Realms, to Star Wars and Star Trek. Hell, I can't even remember how many times you you quoted the line where C-3PO tells Han that the chances of navigating through an asteroid field successfully was approximately three thousand seven hundred and twenty to one! (Damnit, now you've got me saying it!) Just before you passed, you continued to geek out over how you wanted to watch Star Trek Into Darkness, the big follow up to director J.J. Abrams' prequel of the original Trek movies. The other movies I was jazzed about seeing: Iron Man 3, The Hangover Part III, Man of Steel - they didn't hold a candle to how badly you wanted to see th…


There's a ton of reviews I've been meaning to get to, including the entertaining Iron Man 3, the tedious and cynical Pain and Gain, and the Die Hard knockoff, Olympus Has Fallen; along with a new installment of The Netflix Files. The reason for my absence (besides school and midterms) has to do with the tragic passing of my friend and fangirl Eileen Turri. Eileen was the woman who introduced me to the wonders of Monty Python and the brilliance of British sketch comedy, in addition to being a dear and close friend, and a terrific writer (read what she did with the crazy series that she ran with, The Bentley Chronicles). She was a Star Wars and Harry Potter die-hard and I enjoyed talking movies with her. The big summer movie she was excited about seeing was Star Trek Into Darkness, the sequel to the 2009 reboot of the Trek franchise. Sadly, she won't get that opportunity to watch it. This weekend, I'll be watching J.J. Abram's sequel for the both of us.