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Yeah, yeah, it's been two months since I've done any sort of review for my blog.

Unfortunately, life throws you a wicked curveball from time to time. 

Mark Watney being stranded on a godforsaken desert planet with limited resources and almost no chance of a rescue team being sent to bring him home was his.

War Machine facing paralysis after a brutal slugfest with his fellow Avengers was his.

Pat Solitiano Jr. leaning to control and manage his bipolar disorder was his

A run in with hypertension, a failing kidney and high blood pressure is mine. That's one hell of a curveball, wouldn't you say?

As frightened as I am of doing dialysis three times a day, learning to adjust to a new low-sodium diet, resisting the temptation to scarf down french fries, hamburgers, hot dogs, etc buffalo wings, etc, and worrying about my body, I come to a few realizations:

My parents, as freaked out as they were about my situation, told me that I would get through this. My friends via social media and in real life, told me the exact same thing. And the characters I previously mentioned didn't roll over and die, either.

Watney "scienced the shit" out of man-made home on Mars, grew food, made water, and found a way to communicate with NASA to get back home. Pat Jr. made a new friend, learned to control his mental issues trough dance and learned to let his ex-wife go. And Rhodey vowed to keep going through his rehabilitation process like a boss.

I'm going to take their lead. Yes, this a scary new reality for me. But I won't give into despair. I'm going own this and adjust. My life won't be the same, but it can be lived. And I'm going to keep doing what I love: reviewing movies. Finish culinary school. Be more social with friends. This shit won't stop me.

Last week in the hospital. My hat and beard game are on point.
Now that I've got that bit of business out of the way, I have a shitload of movies that I need to talk about, but where to start.......I know! That sequel to the 1996 sci-fi disaster epic! Sure, the summer movie season has been something of a letdown, but Roland Emmerich's Independence Day: Resurgence can't be White House Down and 2012 Emmerich, right? It's going to be at least like The Day After Tomorrow or Stargate Emmerich, right? 



  1. I'm glad you've got a positive attitude about this. I'm sorry this has happened, and yes, life can be a bitch sometimes, but you've got all the things in life that will help you succeed and thrive. Movies, Friends, Family, and Youth.


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