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Trailer Reviews: Lars von Trier's Nymphomaniac

I've seen hundreds of movie trailers before. I've seen funny trailers for movies. I've seen trailers that scream Oscar-bait. I've seen trailers containing crude and grotesque violence that I can't help but under who would be interested in watching the equivalent of a snuff film.

I haven't seen anything like the trailer to Nymphomaniac.

If you're familiar with the project, chances are that you've either heard from sites like The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline that the film will depict scenes of hardcore graphic sex and sex acts, or follow the career of Danish auteur/provocateur Lars von Trier. Before reading the stories of what von Trier id doing for his latest drama, I've actually seen some of his work, mainly the two movies from his "Depression" trilogy: Anti-Christ, and Melancholia. I'll go into both those film in later reviews, but judging from what I've seen, and from reading the reviews from his other works on Rotten Tomatoes, he's a mixed bag: When he's good, he's great (like Melancholia, which features a riveting performance by Kristen Dunst) and when he's not, he's at least interestingly bad (like Anti-Christ, which might be one of the most artfully shot, yet utterly idiotic and borderline mean-spirited art-house films I've ever watched). This latest film, which depicts a woman named Joe (played by von Trier regular Charolette Gainsbourogh) who retells her life story after being rescued from being brutally attacked, which includes various acts of physical intimacy.

It seems that all the stories of graphic, on-screen sex and nudity wasn't just whispers and chatter: von Trier is cashing in on those promises, and the trailer all but confirms this. 

WARNING: This trailer shows explicit scenes of sexuality and nudity. If you are offended by these kind of depictions, do not watch the trailer below. 

Well, I'll say this about von Trier: he has my attention and I'll probably end up watching this. My main complaint about this trailer boils down to this: for a supposed "erotic" character drama, why did Lars use a heavy metal song to accompany the trailer? You know, what many porno movies do in their flicks???


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