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Don't Be Like This Guy.

It's a new year for yours truly, and what better way to kick things off...than to bring up Hollywood Elsewhere, again. This time I'm not talking about Jeff Wells or whatever dick head-ish thing that came out of his mouth, but rather an experience I've just encountered on the HE site.

I make it no secret that I'm a bit of a fanboy. I love what Kevin Feige has done with Marvel superhero properties like Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, S.H.I.E.L.D. and have them connect in various ways in their movies, creating a shared universe. I'll be the first to see the latest endeavor by Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino, Paul Thomas Anderson, and David Fincher, among other respected and celebrated filmmakers because I love their work. I'm always excited for Oscar season as much as I'm excited to see the summer's slate of popcorn blockbusters. I have my individual tastes, and I hate it when a judgmental snob tells me that my taste sucks, or in this case, I'm less of a man for it.

AvatarAnd the stupification of America continues. What adult man with reproductive abilities and a full set of responsibilities would even bother to go to a theater to watch this?
And no, Devin Faraci does not count as a man just because he's covered in hair.
AvatarI don't know why I find this hilarious, but I do.
You're seriously questioning the masculinity of someone who's into superhero flicks and/or geek culture? Holy faux outrage Batman; the self-righteous hyperbolic outrage is off the charts!
And if you can't stand the superhero trend now? Just wait until Hollywood figures out how to make a decent adaptation of a popular Manga or Anime...
AvatarYeah, I am questioning the masculinity of men who are excited for a live action film about a miniature superhero who can speak to ANTS. No matter what psychological/emotional subplots you graft onto the story, it's still fucking STUPID.
AvatarOh, tell me, Mr. Manly-Man, how do I regain my masculinity from daring to have individual taste in films and popular culture that obviously doesn't jive with your standards on how a REAL MAN enjoys movies and entertainment!!! Come on, good sir; throw this lowly emasculated peasant a bone!
Fuck you, and the high horse you rode in on, you condescending prick.

I simply have zero tolerance for film snobs like "Anonymous By Force" who look down on other folks simply because they enjoy something you don't care for, or outright hate. I think Michael Bay is a shitty filmmaker, but I'm not going to call out someone if they enjoyed Armageddon or the Transformers movies. I think Terrence Malick and Baz Luhrman are hacks, but the same thing applies: if you like something, fine. You like it. I'm not going to attack you for your tastes simply because I don't like it. I'm certainty not  going to lower myself by calling out one's masculinity like this douchebag. We have enough judgmental folks out there who are so insecure with themselves that they have to define or re-define what it means to be "a man" or determine one's place gender-wise because it makes themselves feel at peace.


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